At present, the primary method of pressure ulcer prevention is patient turning - the number 1 cause of workplace injury for nurses. Specialized beds, mattresses and wheelchair cushions are also widely used. These methods fail to address the physiological conditions that lead to pressure ulcers.

Prev Biotech’s proprietary technology for the prevention of pressure ulcers is called intermittent electrical stimulation (IES).  IES causes brief muscle contractions that mimic the "fidgeting" that able-bodied people do.  This fidgeting is a subconscious response to discomfort from pressure while sitting or lying down. These muscle contractions have many physiological benefits including relieving pressure over bony prominences and increasing blood flow and oxygenating the muscles.  IES is the only pressure ulcer intervention that addresses these physiological conditions.  This platform technology has been incorporated into a product called Smart-e-Pants™ .  The system is comprised of 3 components: i) a stimulator , ii) electrodes , and iii) an undergarment .

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Smart-e-Pant offers a quantum leap in the approach to this problem:

  • The first significant advancement in pressure ulcer prevention technology in over half a century.
  • The only pressure ulcer technology to address the physiological causes of pressure ulcers.
  • An easy to adopted technology – non-disruptive to healthcare workflow.
  • Cost effective intervention.